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Re: [pct-l] food

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> I am planning on thru-hiking the PCT next year and I want to dehydrate some 
> of
> my own food. I am curious as to how long the dehydrated food keeps. Once
> dehydrated, will the food keep indefinitely or is there a "shelf life" on
> certain things.

We have been dehydrating foods for years.  The best storage is in the freezer.  
We have some dried fruit tht is at least 2 years old, and still quite palatable.
Once out of the freezer the food seems to do OK until the seal is opened on the 
baggie.  Then moisture can cause problems.  In all my years of making my own 
dried food the only thing that has gon bad were some "not so dry" plums molding.
On last year's PCT trip none of our premailed food supplies spoiled during the 
entire trip.  The only worry is that flavors and seasonings do penetrate the 
baggies, so pack accordingly.  Taco flavored fig newtons arent' very pleasant.
Bob PCT '97 

Bob Turner,Coordinator, ALDHA-West
American Long Distance Hiking Association-West
Hikers supporting hikers!

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