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[pct-l] stuff FS!

I have three items that I have decided to sell - two tents and a pack.
If you are interested in any of these items, please call or email me.
(540) 349-9892 evening, (703) 293-6741 days, witzgall@tidalwave.net
1.	Dana designs Terraplane Anniversary edition. Large size, with
the medium hip belt and shoulder straps. This is the same as the current
Terraplane X, but made in the good ol' USA. Used 5 nights. This is too
large of a pack for me. $325 + shipping
2.	Walrus Swift Tent 3lbs 8oz wonder! Used 3 nights, $100+shipping
3.	Sierra Designs Tiros I Tent. Use 2 nights in Maine this summer.
I don't need the 4-season bombproofness of this tent. It is the one with
the 7ft vestibule (6+ lbs total weight.) $225 + shipping

Chris Witzgall
Warrenton, VA
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