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[pct-l] re: PCT/ Bikes-Outside Mag.

Karen writes:

I just scrouged up my copy of the Jan '98 issue of Outside magazine. In an
"article" (more like a listing with comments) on 83 best adventures (and,
note, a similar article has appeared in at least the last four January
issues), two items relevant to this discussion appear

Thanks Karen for the groundwork. Speaking to the person who told me about 
this, yesterday, he didn't purchase the issue, nor recalled the exact month. 
I take it that the listing for the CDT bike tour was a jeep road equivalent 
or possibly the CDT has different trail-use restrictions. I can sleep much 
more soundly now. I aplogize to any on the list if it this discussion seemed 
unrelevant. When I heard about the potential for this illegal activity, it 
really got under my skin and I wanted a little help. Nothing makes me more 
angry that seeing vehicle tracks on a trail designated for hiking and/or 
equestrian use only. Regardless of the issue of trail destruction depending 
on the mode of transportation, every cyclist I've come-across on a trail 
closed to their use, carries with them the defiance and rebelness they used 
to blow past the signs that indicate closure to their activity.
   As a side note, I felt I was finally able to retaliate about illegal 
activities a few winters ago. I was hiking a section of the PCT in the 
Lagunas that was accessible by nearby jeep roads. On the PCT was an abandon 
truck who got stuck on the trail. I was fuming when I saw this. I popped the 
hood and took all the spark plug wires and distributor cap and packed them 
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