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[pct-l] Campo to Idyllwild water

Thanks to Charlie and Karl for commenting on my list of water sources.  

Scissors Crossing, especially, can be risky due to low water and the cattle
problem.  I always check the direction of the flow before dipping in a place
like that.  I filtered and iodined the hell out of it, if I remember
correctly!  I can only add that carrying LOTS of water from Scissors
Crossing will make the 24-mile traverse of the San Felipe Hills more
tolerable.  In '96 I dealt with it by leaving Scissors Cr. at about 4:30 pm
(with 8 quarts of water) and getting as far as I could before dark.  I rose
very early the next morning and arrive at Barrel Spring around 1 pm.  It
worked out well!  

roger carpenter

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