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[pct-l] Re: Trans Sierra Highway

PCTL and Craig Giffen,

There are photographs and newpaper articles on the wall of the cafe at
Red's Meadow showing Reagan and discussions of the trans Sierra Highway
that was proposed to be routed from east to west, near Mammoth Lakes squirt
Red's Meadow and parallel the San Jaoquin River drainage into Fresno.  

IMHO, a bad idea that, I believe, is dead and buried.  The Ansel Adams
Wilderness area (formerly the Minerette Wilderness area) would have been
seriously compromised as well as the San Jaoquin River canyon.  The entire
Red's Meadow area is a jewel that is currently being very well managed.
There are many significant natural amenities that exist in a small area:
Rainbow Falls (a spectacular fall on the San Jaoquin River), Devil's
Postpile Ntl Monument (a unique glaciated basalt column formation) and many
lakes, peaks and waterfalls on tributaries into the San Jaoquin River.  I
believe this area to be one of the most beautiful parts of the PCT and have
visited, backpacked and climbed peaks throughout this area for twenty five
years, and yet there is so much left to explore and enjoy.  Thank goodness
that the highway never permitted this area to be overrun.

Greg "Strider" Hummel.
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