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Re: [pct-l] Campo to Idyllwild water, camps

In a message dated 98-02-09 02:28:23 EST, rogercar@pacifier.com writes:

<< The best sources are Hauser Creek, Lake Morena (campground), Boulder Oaks
(store), Long Canyon (map A6), water fountain south of Mt.Laguna, Mt. Laguna,
(this starts the long stretch between reliable water-but there is a water tank
somewhere on map A8, check with the PCTA on exact location; Chariot Canyon is
normally dry; push on to San Felipe Creek); ... >>

Roger did a great job listing water sources. I can only add some info about
NEW sources that are now available.

There are two NEW water sources in the Laguna's to help reduce the "long
stretch" between Laguna/El Prado campground and the next reliable water. One
is located west of Highway S1 at the Penny Pines trailhead. Refer to the PCT
Guide, page 58 (bottom of column 2), "GATR Road ..." Turning west just after
passing through the pipe gate leads to Highway S1 within 100 yards.  

About 4 miles farther north, the trail reaches the Pioneer Trail Picnic Area.
There is a new water tank right beside the trail as one leaves the Picnic Area
heading north.

Check the PCT web page for the 1988 update to the PCT Guide. I think that
Brick received an okay from Wilderness Press to post the update (but I have
not personally viewed the update). If you were a subscriber to the PCT-L on
Jan. 15th, Ben Schifrin (co-author of the guide) posted the 1988 Update on the
list and you "should have" printed the info.

One other comment regarding water at San Felipe Creek. At times, this source
may be fouled by local cattle. If one hikes southeast on Highway S-2, there is
a commercial campground within 4 miles (I hitchhiked down and walked back in
'94). They have a small store (with telephone and showers). Sorry, I don't
recall the name of the campground.  This is important as the next water north
of San Felipe Creek is 23.7 miles away at Barrel Springs.

Speaking of showers, the Laguna/El Prado Campground added a facility for
showers in 1997. 

Happy hiking,
Charlie Jones
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