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[pct-l] Trans Sierra Highway

I remember reading in a National Geographic a few years back about the John
Muir Trail.  It mentioned that in the 1970's, Governer Ronald Reagan rode a
horse on the JMT to show his support for the Sierras and his disapproval of
a plan to build a highway across the Sierra Nevada mountains.  While the
thought of a highway across the Sierras scares the poo out of me, does
anyone know where the proposed route for the highway was going to be?

Speaking of highways, I wonder what would happen in 1998 if the North
Cascades Highway didn't exist, and they tried building a highway like that
today...I doubt they would get away with it.  That whole highway seems so
out of place.  But hey, at least we have a "Comfort Station" at Rainy Pass
now!  Woo Hoo!  Free toilet paper!

I couldn't find any articles on the Outside magazine page concerning
mountain bikes on the PCT.  (I did find a funny story about Barbie reaching
the Denali Summit however!).  The only place I saw people on mountain bikes
on the PCT was southern california, north of Interstate 8.  They told me
that they should be allowed on that part of the PCT because how infrequently
the PCT was used there.  I just told them that the hikers don't think that
way and to cover there ass, because some people might not be as calm as I
was toward them.


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