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[pct-l] Annapurna Circuit & Hello to the list

Well, I thought I would use Blisterfree and Jeffrey's questions about the
Annapurna Circuit as an excuse to intro myself to the list. When I'm not out
backpacking, I'm sort of a mild-mannered software engineer/researcher type
here in Denver, CO. I recently got back from a trip to the Himalayas
(1 month Tibet, 2 months Nepal, 1 month Burma), during which I probably
hiked about 2000 miles. The stories I can tell!

Nepal is an incredibly beautiful country, and that includes the Annapurna
Circuit/Sanctuary (if you do the circuit, make sure you take the sidetrip up
to ABC - Annapurna Base Camp). The circuit very quickly takes you from very
lush, green, gorges to semi-arid Colorado type scenery, to desolate, arid
Tibetan landscape. You can do it in either direction -- the trail up to the
Thorungla (17500ft) is pretty well switchbacked both ways and is basically
a walkup. If you are only going to do one trek in Nepal, I'd recommend the
Khumbu region. Start at Jiri, hike up Gokyo Ri, Kala Pattar, and Chukhung Ri,
and then hike back to Jiri. Mind-boggling scenery. It took me 14 days to do
this hike, but I'm a strong hiker and was already mega-acclimated after Tibet.
You easily could need a month to do this trek if you need to acclimate.

As for me, I really enjoy reading the posts on this list. I plan on
doing the PCT sometime (did the AT in 96, and have also done most of the CDT).
There's a chance I may do it this year, but probably not. But that's ok, I
have learned patience, and the trail isn't going anywhere...

Mark Tabb

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