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Re: [pct-l] Outside Magazine

>I was told something that I was absolutely appalled with, although I haven't 
>had the nerve to see if it was really true. I was told that an issue or two 
>ago, Outside Magazine printed some stories of outrageous trips (or 
>individuals). Evidently in this issue, some mountain biker pedaled the 
>entire PCT (albeit illegally). If this magazine did print this, they should 
>be more than slammed. Has anyone seen this article? I bring it up, because 
>its really been haunting me for the past few weeks, the idea of that 
>magazine incouraging an activity like that, by running the story. I am 
>absolutely outraged by the idea. Any way to help calm my nerves?

Hi, Ken,

Outside has a website that contains a lot of the articles from the magazine,
and also has a search tool. Might be the fastest way to find out (if, in
fact, there *is* such an article). I subscribe to the print version and have
to say that this sounds familiar, though I have the feeling that this biker
didn't bike the actual PCT but pedaled from Mexico to Canada somewhat *near*
to the PCT. However, this is a very vague recollection and could be wrong.


Karen Elder
P.O. Box 20093
Albuquerque, New Mexico
87154 USA

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