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[pct-l] Skeeters and trips

Re mosquitos on the trail (especially Sierra section):

1.  Did you see any mosquitos at any place that you were sure was far from
any water?  Or was there water everywhere or ???

2.  In my experience (with the exception of a rain forest walk on St. John,
USVI) I have not seen many mosquitos except between 6PM-9PM.  In USVI it's
a 24 hour a day (and night) problem.   Do the Sierra mosquitos prefer the
evening hours?   How strongly?

Re great trips:

No doubt, the Inca trail into Macchu Piccu.  You take the train to a point
on the trail about 35 mi. N of MP, then walk in (13,500' pass).  Past many
great ruins, and entering MP from above (the great postcard shot).  If you
don't use a tour company (Wilderness Experience,  Berkeley charges $2k or
so plus airfare), it should be pretty reasonable.  Airfare to Cuzco (RT) on
a tour package may keep the whole thing under $1.5K and maybe under $1K.   
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