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Re: [pct-l] trail...Annapurna Circuit?

>From: BLISTERFREE@delphi.com
>Subject: [pct-l] PLEASE suggest a trail
>The Annapurna Circuit
>- ---
>150 miles
>22 days total trip (with 2 to 5 layover days for acclimitization)
>Best season: post-Monsoon, Oct-early Dec.
>Dare to pipedream!

So Blisterfree have you done this trek? Has anyone done this trek?
I'm actually seriously thinking of doing it in Oct. if I win my
Government contract (apparently this trek can be done in early April
too). If anyone has any suggestions or advice please email me
directly. There's no need to waste other pct-l members' time.


        Dave Encisco
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