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[pct-l] PLEASE suggest a trail

The Annapurna Circuit
150 miles
22 days total trip (with 2 to 5 layover days for acclimitization)
Best season: post-Monsoon, Oct-early Dec.
Recommended direction of travel: counterclockwise, more gradual, easier
to acclimatize
Elevation extremes: 2850ft above sea level (at Pokhara), 17,000ft. at pass 
beyond Manang Village
Temperature range (mid-Nov): 100F/80 mid-day sun/shade, 60F night at 3000ft
                              48F/40, 12F at highest elevations
Logistics:  Fly into Kathmandu, bus service from Kathmandu to Gurkha, Nepal
            Return to Kathmandu via air from Pokhara, or through Gurkha via
Dare to pipedream!
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