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Re: [pct-l] Latest Storm

At 11:58 AM -0700 2/4/98, Ken Marlow wrote:
>Any word about the effects of latest storm that passed-through San Diego
>blanketing the Southern Sierra?
>-Ken Marlow
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	As of this morning's report/forecast:

	3-4 inches of rain in warmer areas over last 36 hrs
	and about 1 foot of new snow in S SIerra W->NW of SD and LA.

	In Mid Sierras W of SF Bay area we got 8 inches of rain and
	4-5 feet of new snow.

	Big storms on way- not as bad as last 2 days, for tonight, Thurs
	Fri and maybe break on Sunday then 1 more (Pineapple express
	over Hawaii into Calif DEFINITELY fed by warm currents of El Nino-
	especially as the storms  arive and then "park" themselves for
	12-18 hrs=> more rain. BUT- hey ya know- it never rains
	in S. Calif!



	I jsut spend 2.5 weeks in S. Calif W of San Dieg0- only 2 rain drops
	entire period- no snow- glorious! I feel very fortunate..jsut got home
	in time to avoid the mess of 101 and I5 and other freeway closures
	due to flooding.

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