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[pct-l] PCT help

>Date: Wed, 04 Feb 1998 12:46:56 -0800
>From: Ryan Hunter <ryhunter@linfield.edu>
>X-Mailer: Mozilla 3.04 (Win16; U)
>To: brick@ix.netcom.com
>Subject: PCT help
>I've seen your name around a lot on some of the responses.  Have you
>had a lot of experience on the trail?  If so I was wondering if you
>could answer a few questions I have.
>	A friend and I are planning to hike at least the Oregon/Washington
>section next Summer, 1999.  Early preperation I know, but we are both
>college students and need to know how much money we will need to save
>up.  Equipment wise were in good shape.  We only need a few minor
>things.  We have experience backpacking and climbing in Oregon and
>Montana.  I don't feel the physicial part will be too tough as long as
>we eat well and get rest when we need it.
>	So, how long do you feel that the OR/Wash section normally takes.  We
>move at a good pace, but would like to do several other hikes.
>	Next, how do you recommend we purchase food to start.  I have
>experience with back-country meals and we have a decent menu.  But, is
>freeze dried best.  Should we try to dehydrate stuff ourselves or gjust
>buy stuff in bulk from companies?
>	In terms of food drops and mailing stuff.  Is it possible to drive the
>route and drop food at the post offices or is sending it better and
>cheaper.  Also, how long will the post offices hold your packages?  Is
>it necessary to contact the post office in advance?  If so do you have
>some addresses and numbers?  Is it a good idea to send stuff back once
>you are done with it or you don't need it?  Is it even possible?
>	Thanks for your time,  I appreciate it.  If you can't help me with
>these questions sorry and do you know anyone who could?
>	Ryan Hunter		ryhunter@linfield.edu
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