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[pct-l] Great Places to stay!

Walt and I were lucky enough to miss Echo Lake  -- even our brief encounter 
to get our much delayed box and letter was more than enough for us to not 
recommend sending anything there.  Your supply box and mail are much safer 
sent to the PO in South Tahoe.

Like Andy, we also felt we were treated with contempt/rudness by the lady  
that handled the mail.  My Sister-In Law sent an "over night special 
delivery package" of medication to Echo Lake and we were told for three days 
it wasn't there!  Walt tried "smoozing" with no success and we even stayed a 
day longer in South Tahoe to see if it would come in.  We waited until after 
the mail was delivered on the fourth day, of our extended stay.  I had to 
stay off because of feet problems anyway -- so not such a big deal, but it 
could have been. Before we took our boat trip across the lake to the 
trailhead (that was great), my "overnighter" still hadn't arrived!  Bye the 
way, I finally got my "over nighter" package in September -- returned from -
-  you guessed it -- "Echo Lake!"  My tracer said it had been there all 
along and it took me two months to get it!!!

I heartily recommend that you stay in South Lake Tahoe at the Tahoe Sunset 
Lodge.  Sam Patel and his family will make up for all the hard times you had 
on the trail!  To make a reservation call 1-800-755-8246.  Sam has gone out 
of his way to make PCT Hikers feel special!  Last year he would pick you up 
at Echo Lake and then return you back to continue your hike.  Some people 
were taking advandage of his good deed and didn't even offer to pay him gas 
for the trip, so I don't know how he will work it this year.  Sam gave us a 
reasonable price during the week, it is higher  on the week-ends.  Great 
rooms, clean with all the ammeneties plus a small refrigerator.  Tahoe 
Sunset Lodge is within a short walking distance to a grocery/everything 
store, outdoor store, lots of Outlet stores with great restaurants all 
around. The town trolley bus goes right by the Lodge taking you all over 
town and to the gambling spots in Nevada for great, cheap food and fun!

Another stop that was very PCT Hiker friendly was at the Big Bear Lake Fire 
Station located just a couple of blocks from the Post Office.  The 
paramedics answered questions regarding our various medical needs and 
directed us to the proper physician if they felt it warranted the visit.  I 
can't remember her name, but the lady who was the Administrative Manager 
there was great in helping us with ANY questioins/problems we might have.  
They treated us with friendly and personal interest!  We even had a bathroom 
with shower dedicated for our personal use -- what luxury!   We were allowed 
to pitch our tents on the grassey are in the enclosed courtyard for free.  
It wouldn't hurt to give a donation before you leave, although it is never 
asked for.  One night the guys grilled some fish they had caught and gave us 
some as a treat! Stores and restaurants were a long way away, but you could 
ride the bus to several good restaurants (the Sizzler was great!) and 
resupply for food. There were some outdoor stores --  not great but 
adequate. If the firemen were going into town they were more than willing to 
take us in and if they were coming back when we were, arranged to pick us 
up-- can't say enough good things about the wonderful people here!

Time is a flying! Just 13 more weeks until May, but who is counting?  We 
will leave the first of June in Sierra City -- hope to see you on the trail!


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