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[pct-l] Laurel Creek Hostel

The following is neither an endorsement nor a condemnation, it is merely
in response to other posts, and fodder for discussion -

There has been some recent discussion concerning a KKK rally that was
held at the Laurel Creek campground, the information coming from
newspaper article(so).  This facility is near the Appalachian Trail at
Dennis Cove in Tennessee, and caters to hikers.  Last year, I spoke with
the managers of the campground/hostel, and this is what they told me:

There was a one-time Klan rally on an undeveloped area of the property in
the fall of 1996.  The Klan had previously held their annual rallies in
the town square of nearby Hampton TN.  The rally lasted for four hours
and was not open to the public.  Newspaper reporters were contacted by
the Klan, and were in attendance.  The managers of the campground
indicated that they are not Klan sympathizers, and did not attend the
rally.  Their defense for allowing the rally:  they are business people
(the Klan paid $400 and had the required government permits), and they
are firm believers in first amendment rights.  Their reasons for not
allowing another rally:  the area has been developed into campsites and
is no longer available, and because of the backlash.

I can report, as can anyone that has visited the facility, that it is
clean, comfortable, beautifully appointed, and rather unique.  I have not
visited, and cannot speak of the other Dennis Cove facility that caters
to hikers, the Kincora Hostel, but others on this list can.


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