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Re: [pct-l] re: more JMT

In a message dated 98-02-03 16:21:45 EST, kmarlow@ngs.org writes:

<< The Pacific Crest Trail Assn. Might have a  JMT guidebook for sale through
their on-line store. The Sierra Club also publishes "The Star's Guide to the
John Muir Trail". Although the Star's Guide includes a fold-out map, its
really just for trip planning reference only (its too small of a scale and
there's no contours). You would want to supplement this guide by a set of
maps. If your contacting the Yosemite Interpretive Association, I would  think
they would carry one or both of the guides and that it could be  ordered on-
line or via telephone. >>

I missed the orignal question, but if it's JMT information you are seeking, I
can provide some information.

The book "Guide to John Muir Trail" is Out of print until Spring - 1998 (so
sayeth the PCT Store). I bought mine in '96 at REI. If you want to try your
local bookstore, the IBSN is 0-89997-040-0. The book from REI was $9.95 in

There is also a 13-page, 6-color, shaded relief topo "Map Pack of the John
Muir Trail" available out there somewhere. Again, I found mine at REI. ISBN
1-877689-34-3 if you try your local map / book store. The map pack runs about

Happy Hiking,
Charlie Jones
JMT '96
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