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[pct-l] re: JMT

Mark writes:
I'm planning a North->South trek of the John Muir Trail this summer.
I have a problem --- The trail guide for the JMT is currently out of
print/stock, and the new edition won't be available until sometime
in April.  I'd like to find out what permits I will need, and
how to obtain them in advance.  Any information is appreciated!

Hey Mark,
  You can request a permit for your North-South hike, from Yosemite N.P., up 
to 24 weeks prior to your day of departure. 50% of Yosemitie's backcountry 
permits are set aside for advanced registration. The remaining are had by a 
first come, first serve basis, if I'm not mistaken, as early as the day 
prior to departure. Check-out the Yosemite Interpretive Assn. Website for 
specifics. This permit will allow entry into all units the JMT passes 
through, except the Mt. Whitney Zone. When filling-out your Request for 
Wilderness Permit, mention that you will be entering the Whitney Zone and 
request a Whitney stamp be placed on your permit. If I wasn't buried in the 
middle of work, I'd dig-up the Yosemite Interpretive Assn. URL and a phone 
number for you. A search on those words though should find the site quickly.

-Ken Marlow 
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