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[pct-l] White Shirt

>At 12:00 AM 1/30/98 -0600, Tom Best wrote:
>>A white shirt is a real bad idea.  I tried several different shirts and 
>>found that a grey "Coolmax" t-shirt was the best up to Kenedy Meadows(it 
>>keeps you cooler and dries quickly)
>What makes the white shirt a bad idea?  I burn easily, so I was planning to
>bring a silkweight long sleeve white top (and pants) -- lighter than a pint
>of sunblock, and if you're gonna carry long underwear anyway...

Tom is right on, I also recommend not bringing anything white to wear if you 
can avoid it!  It isn't necessarily the garmet itself, but the color -- 
white emphasises stains and shows dirt exceedingly well!  I have bought 
white when I had no other choice ( when they didn't carry my style, size, 
etc.) and died it for just that reason.  Walt and I wore Ex-Officio tan/blue 
supplex shirts and some tan supplex pants that we ordered from Camphmoor. By 
the time we got to Idylwild, sweat and grim had already set in some stains, 
especially on the back of the shirts where our bodies were in constant 
rubbing contact with our packs (huge black stain).  On the trail it doesn't 
make that much difference because "almost" everyone else got too looking 
rather "well worn and rugged". These outfits are also worn in town and even 
cleaned white still looks dirty. Of course there will alsways be those that 
will be overly  critical of our appearance, but then that is their problem!    
Colors, and some fabrics, just seem to offset this "dirty look" and not 
emphasis our well traveled appearance.

I also bought my sock liners in blue, and since I wore sandals (with socks 
to keep my  feet cleaner) in town my feet didn't look as if I had never 
washed my socks either.  I took three pair of liners along.  Two to wear in 
my shoes and one to sleep in.  It helps to wear socks turned inside out, 
they seem to rub less. 

See you on the trail -- soon!


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