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[pct-l] Re: willing workers needed in N.E. Tennessee

Although this was addressed to the PCT list, I know there are listers who live
and hike in the East, so I thought I'd add the information that Laurel Creek
Lodge, Campgrounds and Hostel on the AT Blue Blaze Trail in Hampton Tn, was
the site of a Ku Klux Klan rally a couple of years ago.  The owners moved to
TN from New York and rented the grounds to the Klan, much to the dismay of
locals.  Most of the attendees did not come from nearby, and the local people
felt it was a disgrace to them and their area.  I saw a copy of the newspaper
clipping about this incident, so it wasn't something repeated to me thirdhand.
Someone recommended that I should stay at a different hostel in the area
(Kincora), and I met some thru hikers who reported that they were very
dissatisfied with Laurel Creek - it was a big ripoff.

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