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[pct-l] Fwd: [at-l] willing workers needed

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In a message dated 98-02-02 14:49:22 EST, kate1031@usit.net writes:

<< Laurel Creek Lodge, Campgrounds and Hostel on the AT Blue Blaze Trail in
Hampton Tn. only 2400 ft. east of the white trail of the AT on Dennis Cove Rd.
is looking for willing workers from Jan to end of March 1998 to exchange 4
hrs. work from 8 am to Noon in exchange for 3 great meals a day and good warm
bed in one of our riverside cabins.
 Work details are cutting & hauling firewood, clearing brush for new
campsites. General Carpentry, we are also building a bridge and other odd
jobs. >>

This is America?  Besides nickel and diming a thru-hiker to death (you can
expect to pay over $30 a night) they've also held KKK rallies here.  Trust me,
I've seen the newspaper articles to prove it.  Not what I'd call the community
spirit.  Any '98's do yourselves a favor, at Dennis Cove Road, head west .3 of
a mile to the Kincora Hiking Hostel.  I wont say any more but these people are
trail angels to the *max*.


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