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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #373

At 12:00 AM 1/30/98 -0600, Tom Best wrote:
>A white shirt is a real bad idea.  I tried several different shirts and 
>found that a grey "Coolmax" t-shirt was the best up to Kenedy Meadows(it 
>keeps you cooler and dries quickly)

What makes the white shirt a bad idea?  I burn easily, so I was planning to
bring a silkweight long sleeve white top (and pants) -- lighter than a pint
of sunblock, and if you're gonna carry long underwear anyway...

I was pretty diappointed in my Sierra Trading Post $4.95 CoolMax t-shirt on
the AT.  It was hot and was by far my slowest-drying item of clothing on the
hike.  About all I can say for it is that it does not rot like cotton (good
for thru-hikes, bad for planet).  I've got my base PCT packweight down to
about 14 lbs, and I am *very* tempted to bring my favorite cotton Dead
tye-dye.  In the dryer, it is dry before my darn CoolMax.

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