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Re: [pct-l] Alternative bug repellents

Hi Ted,  

You wrote: 

>My fiancee (wife in 8 days!!!!) reacts violently to mosquitoes.  We 
>have tried every repellent under the sun.  The active ingredient in 
>Skin So Soft is citronella oil.  You can get the citronella oil at 
>most health food stores and many bath oil shops.

I agree about the citronella be great about keeping away the mosquitoes,and 
probably much safer than DEET! Skin So Soft has a very tiny bit of 
citronella in it and doesn't last as long because of it.  I mixed citronella 
with ahloe vera lotion and it was a great combination and was effective much 
longer too.  Supplex long sleeve shirts and pants are a must.  Walt and I 
wore them in the desert and Sierras. Because of their tight weave supplex 
kept out the mosquitoes, small black bugs and the big green flies -- a 
mosquito hat is a must and some lightweight gloves will keep your hands from 
getting bit too.

We only had ticks in one section and used a rubber band on the bottom of the 
pants legs to help keep them from crawling up.  Remember to remove attached 
ticks by rubbing them with alchol.  They withdraw by themselves so you don't 
have to worry about puncturing them or rememoving them without their heads.  
We used the alcohol pads that are already in a self contained package -- 
lightweight and useful!  Our supplex clothes were also great for keeping 
us cool (the breeze helped evaporate any moisture) and the sun out -- we got 
two beautiful straw hats in Warner Springs at the golf shop at the Country 
Club -- what a fantastic stop that is!!  Don't miss their delicious food, 
showers and friendly hospitality -- contrary to some stories we were told!  
There is no store for resupply here and the mail trailer is small and they 
are short staffed.  

A few hikers spent $70 a night to stay in the hotel/timeshare (?) across the 
street.  They had washers/driers and a pool!  It wouldn't be too bad if 
several people went together.

Hope to see you and you future bride on the trail Ted and Congratulations 
to both of you!


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