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[pct-l] Tents and Fuel

Thanks all, for the help on my previous tent questions. Sounds like the 
general concenses is "less is best". I THINK I might be steering toward a 
Mountain Hardwear "Lazer". The idea of its double doors sounds appealing for 
us. Any opinons on their line of tents and on the longivity of those clear 
UVX panels? I would think those panels would force you into rolling-up or 
folding the fly rather than stuffing it.. I'm also knocking-around the idea 
of their "Skyview" tent, but at a pound more, I'm finding it hard to 

I've gotta dig-up my old literature cuz I can never remember how much fuel I 
consume during a trip. Maybe you can give me an idea. The two of us are 
using an MSR XGK at full-bore and boil water for a mornings warm drink and 
maybe hot cereal. In the evenings a pasta for two and cleaning of the pot. 
At say 9000 feet and 50 degrees, how many days could I expect a liter to 
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