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Re: [pct-l] dehydrating food

>What is the recommended method for dehydrating tomato paste/sauce. I just
>wasted four trays of paste by drying it on wax paper, that was stupid, the
>wax melts and the paste is permanently fused to the paper. Also, what other
>things are good to dehydrate, ie. economical vs. buying it at the store. I
>have read peoples accounts of rehydrating vegies on the trail being a pain
>due to the time it takes.

I haven't done this (yet) but I've read that people use "Saran Wrap" (TM),
not wax paper.

I haven't done this either (yet) but I've read that people use plastic
containers that seal well (like Rubbermaid), put water and vegies in in the
morning, allowing them to rehydrate during the day for eating in the
afternoon or evening.


Karen Elder
P.O. Box 20093
Albuquerque, New Mexico
87154 USA

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