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[pct-l] Rice Brothers Advice

Having hiked from Campo to Sonora Pass in '97, I agree 100% with the
Rice Brothers.  Don't cook breakfast, carry a light pack, hike early and
late in the desert.

However, I wouldn't suggest wearing a white shirt while hiking.  The
shirt will look so gross in a few weeks that townspeople will shun you
when they see you coming.  Better a colored shirted to keep the dirt out
of sight, or a town shirt as a spare.

I would also add some advice about the bugs in the Sierras.  having seen
almost no bugs up to Kennedy Meadows, I was shocked at the massive
mosquito swarms I saw and felt in the Sierras.  Any PCT thru-hiker that
doesn't carry a headnet in the Sierras is risking insanity.  I killed 24
mosquitoes with one swat.

I used large quantities of DEET as a repellant, which was slightly
effective.  Has anyone had any success with other bug repellant
concoctions?  I also had some success camping at high elevations to
reduce the bugs at night, although that was never totally successful. 
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