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[pct-l] Re: (Boot Deal)

>> Merrell "Wilderness" boots:
>>	an all-around awesome 'classic' hiking boot
>> Normally $220.00, ***now $132.00***

Roy Robinson (TrailDad) replied:

> I wore these boots on the trail last year. ... The soles started coming
> apart at about 700 miles and were completely delaminated at 1200 miles.

	Roy is confused.  Merrell "Wilderness" boots cannot possibly
delaminate as they are constructed using Norwegian welt (stitches) and are
not Littleway (glued).  Any shoe/boot with the sole glued on will
delaminate and is the cause of 80-90% of thru-hikers having to use a second
pair.  I made it through an AT thru-hike in one pair of boots for ONE
reason: they were Norwegian welt.

	I am not saying Roy's boots didn't delaminate.  I'm not saying he
didn't wear Merrell boots (as they make many pairs and only the Wilderness
is Norwegian welt).  I _am_ saying that if his Merrell boots delaminated,
he didn't have a pair of the "Wilderness."  Probably wore the Merrell

> This defect may explain the "Great Deal" being offered on these boots.
	This deal is because the store offering it caters to a clientel
that would never pay $220 for boots to save their lives.  They can't even
sell them at $130 (cost).  The sale is to clear out stock and never carry
them again.  It's an ultra-low end sports store that sells equipment for
fans to wear in the stands.  Their camping gear is 95% Coleman.  Get the
picture?  Each time I go there (to buy flights for my darts), I stare at
the "Wilderness" boots and wonder, "What are _those_ boots doing in _this_

	I thru-hiked the AT in `96.  My ankles are so bad, I need orthotics
and boots just to walk.  I know footwear.  I bought 2 pairs of Merrell

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