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[pct-l] What science says about El Nino

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Subj:	NOVA Online Presents "Tracking El Nino"

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Presenting a new NOVA/PBS Online Adventure,
"Tracking El Nino"
In the fall of 1982, no one knew that a full-blown El Nino -- a
massive heat build-up in the Pacific ocean -- had been underway
since spring. No one knew that within a few months, an appalling
season of storms and bad weather would cost 2,000 people their lives.
No one, therefore, could prepare. Fifteen billion dollars later the
El Nino of 1982 was recognized as the weather event of the century.
Until, that is, the El Nino of 1997 came along...Follow this
adventure as it is happening.

    Follow our reporter in the field on a daily basis as he journeys
    into the heart of El Nino, and hear directly from the experts who
    are struggling to understand this mysterious weather phenomenon.

    "Anatomy of El Nino"
    The definitive -- and understandable -- explanation of what El Nino
    really is, and how its effects are carried around the globe.

    "El Nino Now"
    Over the next four weeks, our reporter will report back about the
    effects of El Nino -- from inside a storm, along the coast of Peru,
    high in the jetstream, on the Galapagos Islands, and aboard a ship
    that tracks El Nino in real-time.
    "El Nino's Reach"
    El Nino reaches around the globe to change weather and create havoc
    in unexpected ways. In fact, it has done so for millennia, and has
    even left its mark on living creatures.
    Plus email to our reporter and scientists, and other resources.

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