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[pct-l] soap suds

The Ravens wrote:
"To all '98ers

Just a little note about something you should think about mailing
yourself, laundry soap.  Whenever you get to a town that you can do
laundry, mail yourself one or two loads of soap.  You will find that a
lot of the laundry mats will be out of soap, or do not even sell it, and
you will be buying large boxes just to do a few loads."

A word of caution.  We did this, as well as mailing shampoo and soap to
where we knew we would be ready for a shower.  It was a great thing and a
nice convenience.

HOWEVER, those pungent fragrency smells work their way into food packed in
the same box, especially a box that sits packed for 5 months.  We ate
(usually packed it out) more than our fair share of beans and rice that
tasted like Ivory.  It was pure heartbreak to whip up a chocolate pie only
to have it be unbearble to eat.  The nose and the mouth play tricks on each

Forbdoing the CDT we do plan to send soaps and shampoos ahead because it is
such a great thing to have, but only those in super sealed packages (when
our re-supply sender helped us out by wrapping the soap in six layers of
duct tape and newspaper the food was safe).  Start collecting from hotels
you visit, from free give aways, or from friends who work at hotels who can
lift you some from the house cleaning carts.

Dan and Sara Rufner
PCT '96

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