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[pct-l] re: Windfoil help

Thanks for the comments regarding the Kelty Windfoil. I would have never 
known those problems unless I purchased one. Although the vents are a bit 
different on the new one, I can now see where that long length of 
unsupported material could cause problems. Sounds like it needs lash points 
at the top of each poles, to take up the slack. But adjusting that doesn't 
sound like a whole lot of fun in a downpour!

Any similar comments on Integral Design's Half Dome? It's weighing-in at 5.5 
lbsI'm looking for a lightweight tent for two, ideally one who's mesh doors 
and vents can be zipped-up with a solid fabric door/panels for winter use. 
If it wasn't for the lack of solid fabric doors, Mountain Hardwear seems to 
have a nice 3 season line.

Any regrets from any of you that own 3 season tents that might be too 

Thank you so much

Ken Marlow 
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