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Re: [pct-l] Altimeter


I used an Avocet since I found the Casio sooo bulky.  I think the model was
"vertech" and is marketed as a skiing watch but has an alpine (hiking)  mode ideal
for PCTers.   Costs slightly more ($130?). It did everything I wanted and more,
including keep track of daily and total vertical climbing.  I found it to be very
accurate (usually within 50 ft and I only calibrated it once a week or so).

BTW, fellow listers, my total in Manning was in the 430,000 vertical feet range -
did anyone else keep track and does this jive with what you've found?

Greg Walter wrote:

> Speaking of great deals, does anybody have any ideas on how/where I could
> find a good deal on one of those triple sensor Casio
> altimeter/thermometer/compass etc. things?  I'm not crazy about spending
> $150+ on something that could fit in the palm of my hand, but then again, it
> may be a great tool for my geography/climate interests while I'm out there.

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