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Re: [pct-l] tyvek

Regarding tarps made of TYVEK, Dave and I used a TYVEK ground cloth
successfully throughout out whole hike.  We got enough to make 2 from a
friend who is a contractor and switched to our second one in Northern
Oregon.  It was extremely durable, light and waterproof! Only after about 3
1/2 months did we begin to see a series of tiny pinprick type holes in it.
Anticipating the rains in WA, we switched to our new one and it kept us
(the bottom of our tent anyway) nice and dry through  many down pours.    I
would highly recommend it.  Hint : supposedly it is a one-way material.
Remember to turn the printed side down (or out) for the best protection.

Jen (Dave & Jen PCT '97)

>Speaking of tarps, has anyone made one out of TYVEK.  This is a hot topic
>on the AT mailing list, but I haven't seen it mentioned here.  It's a
>lightweight material used in the building industry that is wind and

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