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[pct-l] Boot Repair


For those of you living in San Diego County, Progressive Boot Repair is no
longer located in La Mesa, CA. Even though there is still a shoe repair shop
in that location, their work is focused on "street shoes."

Progressive's new store is call "Progressive Outdoor Footwear." They
specialize in repairs to hiking and climbing boots/shoes. Their new telephone
number is 582-7463 or (1-800-783-7764). Their address is "4760-D Mission Gorge
Place, San Diego, CA 92120."

Mission Gorge Place is "near A16." You might want to call for more specific
directions if you plan to visit the store personally.

The Class of '98 might make a note of this just in case you "blow-out" a boot
in the first 100 miles of the PCT.

Charlie Jones 
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