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[pct-l] BIG shoe question

I hear the stories about peoples feet growing 1 or 2 sizes after hiking
some distance on the PCT. My foot is already size 13. If the estimates are
correct, this takes me potentially to a size 15! . I don't even know if
they make shoes that big. What are the contributing factors with the foot
size increase? Is it that the foot generally flattens out (this implies a
permanent change), is it that the joints in the feet swell from the stress,
or is it growth of calluses taking up more and more room. Also, does age
have anything to do with it. In the last year my foot size went from 12 to
13. Do younger folks have more of a problem than older. I'm turning 35 this
year, so I'll volunteer to be in the "older" category. What are peoples
experiences with this. Did your foot size return to your pre-hike size

So the main question: do people typically wait to purchase new shoes  while
hiking the PCT? I'd hate to buy some boots and find them a size or two too
small when I have them sent.

Mark Dixon (Yeti)
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