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[pct-l] PCT Planning program access


For those of you trying to access the PCT planning program:

I just discovered that my internet provider has automatically turned off my
WWW pages as of midnight.  I got an auto-email saying my account balance is
past due, when in fact it has been paid.  Hopefully they will have this
worked out by the time this message reaches the digest subscribers.  So if
you are receiving a "403 error", try again in a day or two.

Thanks for all your mail/comments about the planning program.  I'm back in
school now so I haven't been able to work on the program as much as I would
like to.  In about a week I'll have a (very cool) option added that will
show your selected hike as a cross section graph.  Though the new version is
finished, I still want to make a few minor changes before I upload the new
version.  (probably next week)


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