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[pct-l] Re: Which is warmer?

>The great debate:   Given the same weather, sleep system etc,  which is
>warmer,  sleeping nude,  sleeping in minimal clothes,  or layering and using
>the sleep system as the outer layer?   What are everyone's opinions???

Ah, yes, the great debate.  I can just tell you what works for me.

I have three bags - a 20 degree, a 5 degree and a -30 degree. Step one is
choosing the appropriate bag. I have a bit of extra room in the bags - that
is, wearing clothes doesn't particularly compress the bag insulation above
and to my sides.

Beyond that, I ordinarily start off in t-shirt and underwear. If it gets
I'll go to (in order) socks, longsleeve or longjohn shirt, longjohn pants,
knit cap, fleece pullover with hood. I've never been in a situation that
system couldn't handle. The fleece pullover with hood is great because it
keeps the neck area warm even if a bit of cold air slips in.



Karen Elder
P.O. Box 20093
Albuquerque, New Mexico
87154 USA

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