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Re: [pct-l] sun and snow

In message <199801181957.NAA10443@saffron.hack.net> Greg Walter writes:
> You've all been extremely helpful so far, so here's a few more questions on
> some little details:
> I've had virtually no experience with hot desert hiking or the very bright
> combination of sun and snow above treeline. Plus, I burn quite easily. I
> have one of those common dark blue silk weight capilene t-shirts that work
> fine in most conditions, but I'm concerned about it in those two specific
> places. Is a white (or other light color) hiking shirt something I should
> consider? And what about the loose fitting long sleeve option? (although I
> can't stand over-heating with too much on) Will what I have be sufficient?
> Any specific brand recommendations?
> The second question is this: How do you decide when it is or isn't
> appropriate to glissade? 

I too, dont functon well in heat and found two thins that worked well last year 
on our thru hike.  1 try an old light polyester shirt or cottoon poly t-shirt, 
the breeze moved right thru the material, evaporating the sweat off the body 
rather than off the soaked material.  We pick up old plyester shirst for 50 
cents at Goodwill.  The other was an umbrella.  The only people that snickered 
at our umbrellas were the folks that never tried them.  They provide more shade 
than a hat, allow the convected breeze to flow over your head, and offer respite
in the long shadeless stretches through desert areas.  Also works great in rain.

When to glissade? Any time it is safe and you want to get your butt wet.

Bob Turner,Coordinator, ALDHA-West
American Long Distance Hiking Association-West
Hikers supporting hikers!

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