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Re: [pct-l] sun and snow

  About appropriate clothing for high UV conditions...
I burn easily as well.  I spent about 5 months last year living in Tucson,
AZ, and got around almost solely by bicycle, hiking every chance I got.  
April, May, and June are very sunny and warm/hot in Tucson, and I got along
just fine covering my torso with a thin Coolmax t-shirt, semi-tight fit,
made by Performance (bike catalog co.).  I was pleasantly surprised to find
that I didn't need anything more than this - or a layer of sunscreen - to
keep from burning, especially since the shoulders and back of a cyclist are
relentlessly exposed to the late-spring sun.  I know that when clothing 
becomes saturated (as with sweat), the material can become somewhat less
resilient in this way, so perhaps the quick-drying nature of Coolmax polyester
helped me out a bit.  But I would conjecture that most lightweight, somewhat
densely-woven synthetics would be adequate at keeping you off the menu at
Red Lobster.
  Of course, you're exposed face and arms/legs would require sunscreen -
a waterproof one.
- Blister>Free
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