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[pct-l] Re: places to stay on the PCT

At 04:07 PM 1/16/98 -0800, Bob wrote:
>I afforded the luxury of a motel room whenever I could, but that is not what 
>everyone wants to do.  I believe Christian stayed at a number of firestations, 
>besides the one at Big Bear, Try that.  Also don't overlook churches, they may 
>help with a room.

Thanks for the message, Bob (and Brick as well). The only reason why this
issue concerns me is that I just don't want to piss off private land owners
while trying to discreetly camp. It's the same reason why I've never
bicycled or hitch-hiked further than what I could do in a single period of
day-light - not knowing where I'd spend the nights. On the other hand,
several hundred PCT thru-hikers seem to have dealt with the town thing
pretty well, so I'm not too worried about it.

By the way, Bob, I just re-joined ALDHA-West after a few years' hiatus. When
does the next news letter come out? And also, if you're in touch with Namie
Bacile, tell him I said hello and would like to hear from him again. I've
been following his adventures through the grapevine. He gave me some great
trail magic in '92.

"The Weathercarrot"

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