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[pct-l] Re: Tehachapi or Mojave

Hi all-

Good luck to the class of '98! In regards to the posts regarding
Tehachapi/Mojave, I've let Ben know that there is a new PO in Tehachapi
located north of Hwy 58 on North Mill St. Not quite as convenient as the
old one but a lot nicer facility. It's only about 1/2 mile from downtown
and not too bad a walk.

Just down from the PO is the Tehachapi News, where I work. If you plan on
hitting Tehachapi on a weekend, feel free to send your resupply packages
there. We'll be happy to hold them. Also, I will be happy to shuttle hikers
to/from the trail (if possible).

Hitching a ride to Mojave is difficult off Willow-Springs Rd because most
folks driving it don't go to Mojave. It's used mainly as a route between
Tehachapi and Lancaster. Also, Tehachapi is a better place to resupply
since we have a nice, big Kmart here and really friendly people!

The BLM, along with the PCTA and a local equestrian group (of which I am
president) is currently negotiating with a local wind company to allow
access through their property for a "spur" trail off the PCT into Sand
Canyon east of Tehachapi. The trail will interesect with the PCT about 2.5
miles north of Hwy 58. It's a great little trail and will allow hikers to
get off the PCT without having to walk along Hwy 58. (Check out map F2 in
the PCT Guidebook. The trail is the one that "ends" at Red Mountain,
although it actually goes all the way through. It ends at the cemetary in
section 22) It's a beautiful trail and will be a great addition to the PCT
network. We're hoping to eventually get a few more trails in the area

That's it from Section F. I'm going to try to ride some of the trail after
the rain stops. Who knows when that will be! We plan on doing a trail
project around Dove Springs in April. Sigining will be important here since
it traverses an OHV area.

Carol Barrett, Tehachapi
PCTA Trail Maintenance Coordinator
Section F
805-822-6828 (W)
805-822-9214 (H) 

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