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[pct-l] Re: Advice about Whitney and resupply plans

This whole discussion in the last several days about logistics in the
Sierras is EXACTLY one of the things I was hoping to find when I joined the
PCT list. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed their two cents. The
options have become much more clear.

One related thing I've wanted ask is where to spend the nights in towns
(throughout the whole trail in general). From what I understand, unlike the
AT, it seems that not every town has a distinct place where hikers can
inexpensively go to crash. You just kind of find out through word of mouth
or registers where a good campsite on the edge of town might be, or some
other alternative. I'm going to try to avoid motels as much as possible
(with a few exceptions). Does anybody have any specific recommendations
about where to stay? Especially in the less well known spots? This is the
one topic I've noticed that hasn't really been covered much in ANY of the
PCT guides.

Thanks again for all the great info!!

"The Weathercarrot"

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