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Re: [pct-l] Tehatchipi or Mojave?

In message <4F9975895929D1119D9E00A0C965647F088880@DC_EX> "Vaughn, Ron" writes:
Big Snip!
> I like to hear from anyone who stopped in tehatchipi, and how they coped
> with the distances in town, and to the trail.
  When Bug and I got to Oak Creek and the Tehachapi Willow Springs Road we were 
picked up by the first vehicle headed toward Tehachapi. Our friends that tried 
to hitch into Mojave spent 30 minutes waiting of a ride before they switched 
sides of the rode and caught the first ride going to Tehachapi.

In Tehachapi we were only a short walk from the grogery, K-Mart, and the PO.  We
also caught a ride back to the trail without even thumbing!  I believe that the 
PO was to be relocated to a more inconvenient site.  That may negate any 
advatage and make it a toss up.

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