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[pct-l] New Member

Hi folks.

I'm new to the list and wanted to introduce myself.  I'm Bald Eagle, age
26, currently residing in São Paulo state in Brasil.  I am an American
citizen on assignment here for a year or so.

I hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine in 1995, and intend to
hike the PCT in 1999.  I am attempting to ride a bike from my home in
Alabama to the trailhead in California, hike the PCT, and then ride back to

I joined this list to get more info on the PCT, because I hardly know
anything about it.  I have Ray Jardine's book, and do know a couple of
details.  Any potential thru-hike help would be great.

Glad to be amongst the group!


Bald Eagle
GA -> ME '95
MEX -> CAN '99
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