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[pct-l] Kennedy to Vermillion in one go

Jeremy Wilson mentioned going straight from Kennedy meadows to
Vermillion. I too did this with my partner Dale. Yes my pack was heavy
but it got lighter everyday. ( remember you never have to worry about
carrying water thru the Sierras so you can save weight there) We did
this leg in 9 days. This is the longest section without resupply. It was
great to get away from civilisation for over a week. 9 days seems like
an eternity out there..it was a very interesting and magical experiance.
It also allowed us to take our time in the Sierras and relax.
I heard some nightmares of people who had problems hitching to and from
Lone Pine and lost a day because of it. Also that whole Whitney Portal
place looked very overpopulated with boy scouts and their Dads with
their cell phones. It looked like a southern Cal freeway at rush
hour...........Myles Murphy

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