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[pct-l] Lone Pine/Charlotte Lake

JWilsonVW  writes:
>One option people aren't mentioning is hiking straight through to Vermillion
>Valley Resort on Lake Edison from Kennedy Meadows. I personally had planned on
>Independence/Lone Pine until I thoroughly checked the options. I'd rather
>carry the extra few days food, and stay out in the hills then drop so much
>elevation and wait for rides to town and back.  

Last year during a North-South JMT hike, I hooked up with a hiker that had 
arranged a resupply at the Charlotte Lake ranger station (just South of Glenn 
Pass). He had a backcountry outfitter pack supplies in to the Charlotte station 
where there is a bear-proof hiker box located out back.

It cost him about 100 dollars for a huge resupply package (a twelve pack of 
Heineken was even in there) to be packed in and the cost also included the 
packing out and mailing of any extra equipment or garbage that the hiker left 
behind for the outfitter. Kind of steep but it sounds like the ride back from 
Lone Pine might cost just as much. I have the guy's email address.  I'll check 
on the outfitter's schedule and prices.


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