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RE: [pct-l] Tehatchipi or Mojave?


Went Ann and I resupplied in Tehatchipi we were lucky hitchhiking from
the canyon road, the first truck picked us up.  I found that it was not
a long walk from PO to hotel to stores...Albertson's and K-Mart.  The
ride back was even easier, the couple that maintains the trail register
live in Tehatchipi, and they gave us a ride back to the trailhead.

From talking with other thru-hikers that went to Mojave the two towns
are almost identical.  Tehatchipi is a little cooler on average, but not
by much.  One nice thing Roger C. did, out of Mojave, was he rented a
car and stash water all over the next section.  That made a bunch of
thru-hikers the water load a lot lighter.

Tim and Ann
The Ravens  PCT '96
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