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[pct-l] Independence over Lone Pine

I favored the idea of Independence over Lone Pine on my thru hike way back
when and had no trouble catching a ride down from the trail head at
Kearsarge Lakes.  A number of local fisherman were working holes in the
ice-covered lakes in late May! Try to hit it late in the afternoon and that
way any locals will be heading back down the hill for home around then.

It seems to me that with a resupply at Kennedy Meadows (an option not
available when I hiked the trail) you ought to be able to climb Whitney,
stashing your pack for the main climb, continue over Forester Pass(without
a newly loaded pack) and still have enough to get you out over Kearsarge
Pass to Independence, providing acceptable weather.  I hiked from Weldon to
Independence without an intervening food drop planned but ended up getting
snowed on and slowed up and had to adapt to extend my food.  Snow storms
can slow you down anytime of the spring and fowl your plans up.  

As I have said before, the best plan is a flexible one.

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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