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[pct-l] Tehatchipi or Mojave?

While we're on the subject of resupply stops, I'd like to ask,
Tehatchipi or Mojave?  Both towns seem spread out to me, with Mojave
having the PO, motels and restaurants at one end of town, and the
grocery store over a mile away at the other end of town.  Mojave had
lots of places to send UPS, which was convenient for sending gear and
supplies ahead to Kennedy meadows.

I drove through Tehatchipi recently, and it looked equally spread out.
The Post Office seemed far away (in the desert), and the motels a few
blocks away were near the very nice grocery stores (one was a huge
Albertson's).  I think I saw a store that did UPS.

Maybe it comes down to the hitch?  We made the mistake of trying to
hitch on the highway, which took hours (in the low desert!).  I'm sure
we should have taken the canyon road 8 miles before the highway, as
others reportedly did.  

One way of getting a ride on the highway was to walk about 1.5 miles eat
to an emergency call box.  From there the CHP will connect you to
White's Motel's 800 phone number, and White's will give guests a ride
into town.

I like to hear from anyone who stopped in tehatchipi, and how they coped
with the distances in town, and to the trail.
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