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[pct-l] Why Lone Pine?

What is the advantage to resupplying in Lone Pine over Independence?
It's sounds to me like you're either repeating trail miles or waiting,
hoping, and bribing for a ride to and from Lone Pine - or both.
Jardine says nothing about Lone Pine.  He offers Independence as the mid-
Sierra resupply point.  And looking at the mileage data, Independence would
be the more logical choice for even distribution of food pounds through the
Sierra, as it divides the Kennedy Meadows-Tuolumne section roughly in half.
Can anyone describe the off-PCT hike to a likely hitchhike point for
Independence?  How is the traffic to Independence vs. Lone Pine in late
June - early July?
- Blister>Free, Mex-au-Can '98
(currently with sprained ankle from too much training - "Bloatfoot")
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