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Re: [pct-l] Trail Crest to Whitney Portal on a thruhike

In message <> Michael Henderson writes:
> all this talk of resupply at lone pine has raised a question in my mind.
> what is the trail like just below trail crest in june when thruhikers are
> there?  i've been there in august, and it seems to me that it would be one
> hellishly steep snow/ice slope at that time.  am i wrong?  is the trail
> exposed that early?  thru hikers, do tell.  thanks!

Mike,  When we came down from Trail Jct June 12 this last summer it was totally 
snow covered.  We did the 1500 foot gissade direct to trail camp!  I didn't even
mention that in the previous post as to why I wouldn't go back up from the 

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